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Alfonso travels to Europe twice a year.

For all his courses Alfonso’s motto is: “Above all else, have fun and at the same time, you will learn.”

The skill, level or style that one has is not important. Alfonso creates an environment where the horse is allowed to express his own nature. Only when we understand the horse we will be able to help him to discover what we want from him.

We want the horse to feel comfortable with us, so it can relax and concentrate on what we want him to do. The horse will then become a contempt and secure companion. Our goal is to create a trusting relationship between the human and his horse.

Alfonso‘s Horsemanship program consists in 8 Categories, which he teaches in his courses.

The courses are according to demand: Groundwork or Groundwork and Riding Combined (Guidance Courses 1-8).

The program usually consists of two to four consecutive days, where theory and “hands on” practice are offered. Every student attends with his/her own horse.

These courses cover ethology based horsemanship for the beginner as well as for the advanced student. The techniques taught are applicable to any type of riding style (western, english, dressage, trail riding etc.).

He also offers special courses on:

- Cow Working
- Ranch Roping
- Understanding the bosal
- Young horses

Alfonso also gives lectures and power point presentations for University’s, Clubs and Schools.

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